For the peoples, by the peoples through closer to the customer APISA Biotech is a pure player and expert in animal health designed mainly for the sector’s professionals: practitioners and farmers

Through client proximity and its teams’ commitment, today, APISA has become an internationally recognised player. APISA Biotech is now a leading market driven company in Livestock, Poultry and Aqua.

APISA biotech places employees at the naval area of its strategy because “a company’s success is not built without respect for the men and women behind it”.



In the era of fast changing world determinant technology is only the key of innovation.Innovation must be a continous process offering of new products and services, and more generally the entire approach to client service.


APISA believes the theory of customer satisfaction. Each of the products launched by the APISA are on the basis of thorough survey report that must match to each need of a client starting from practitioner to farmer.


Entrepreneurial spirit APISA is characterised by innovation and risk-taking, and is an essential part of a nation's ability to succeed in an ever changing and increasingly competitive global marketplace.


The ability to set up, mobilize and make talented multidisciplinary international teams work together efficiently is the most determinant factor in APISA its reputation in the market place.



The peoples of APISA Biotech are critical to their own success. They represent a major competencies and developed skills. APISAs key strength:

• Careful on  customer;
• Customer Service;
• Dedication and trust in the company;
• Customer Relation.

The human resources policy prefers to serve the company's strategy and aims to "search for excellence in people management". All organisations (sales, marketing, industrial, research and development) have been involved in hiring highly specialised professionals and experts in the health professions. APISA prefers to make professional as per the customised status. Training management has been greatly enhanced with the creation of a specific offer for the training and a participatory and empowering process for defining needs. The training courses conducted by internal trainers have been expanded. The strong enchantment in favour of Different training (Individual right to training) also allowed. APISA also pursues a compensation policy in direct relation to the company’s performance and the contributions of each individual.



Vacancies in Bangladesh/Vietnam/ Thailand/ Myanmar/ Sri lanka/ Philippines


India/Abroad  (No priority shall be entitled for the area of operation)


India/Abroad  (No priority shall be entitled for the area of operation)


India/Abroad  (No priority shall be entitled for the area of operation)

Supporting, rewarding, developing, motivating…

APISA's success is a result of the smart work and the talent of its employees. It is our responsibility to allow you to give your best. Discover our support methods (training and management tools, leadership)


The resourceful, perspective and talent personnel who really want to impress his resources in an open working environment and love to be fast runner. APISA biotech is a family that really cares it’s each member very closely.